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Amaneh - Zohreh Eskandari Painter - Videaste- Designer, Iranian origin.
She begins painting when she had 8 years old in the Center of Intellectual Education of Youth in Teheran.
Professional since 1988, following his artistic formation in fin arts in Teheran.
She often painted portraits and the masks which take as a starting point the the
Persian mythology & collective memory .
In 1997 from museum of the contemporary art of Teheran she leave Tehran to Paris,
as an artiste resident in international City of arts”Cité internationale des arts”.
She installs in France in following her artistic life..
Her approaches with all the pictorial techniques, develops a new esthetics of the contemporary art.
Her works are university objects for the Iranan students, which is visible with large fairs and international
Biennales and festivales and expositions.
In 1999, she studies creation numerical edition “ audio-visual, new media, design, multimédia& Infographie .
She begins one period of research for other forms of expression that painting (multi-media, photo, poetry,
Installationet video art and films), This period corresponds to the creation of association
ARTISTS WITHOUT BORDERS, which joined together artists of the world towards a collective philosophy
in order to promote the language of art.
Founder & President of the International association Artists Without Borders
Member of the Maison des Artistes - Artists colectives "France"
Member of SIP - The Artists colectives "Iran"
Scam - The Multimedia Artists society "France”
// Music:Steve Shehan
Performance:Jotiycka Rao

This summer in Iran after electoral fraud, a young girl has been killed by a gunshot in head in demonstration of Tehran !...She was Neda(Voice in Persian)...
Neda, symbol of strangled cry of his generation and mine ...I always drawing this eternal injure ...
This is a "moving" painting of bloody creation ...
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